Nisos Lipso 37:17.6N 26:45.7E

Sue & Alan
Fri 13 May 2016 07:47
As promised, which is almost unknown for this part of the world, the local fridge man, suitably named Dimitris, turned-up just after 8 o'clock....... so we were happy to have put an early alarm on. After he correctly abandoned his early prognosis that our fridge compressor was NFU and after he listened for a second time to how I had temporary set-up our dicky system, he proceeded to find the leak, use one of our spare O-rings to fix it, suck all contents out of our system then re-gas it. We now have a refrigerator working perhaps better than ever. I have never before recorded -15ºC on our evaporator so we're pleased as punch and ticketeeboo. The bill, whilst inevitably costing more than a new domestic fridge would cost on the internet or discount store was very reasonable for couple hours work. The beers are cold and the butter is hard as rock. Sue's even complained that our chilled drinks are too cold to swallow without inducing stomach-cramps! I've turned it up a bit to keep her happy.
Our friends Janet and Bill of s/y Halcyon Daze duly arrived Wednesday morning and we had great times sharing time with them. 2011 was last time so we had plenty to gas about and their new brand spanking new Halcyon Daze is just lovely. With a distinct wind change imminent, we'de set our sights on slipping lines yesterday and eventyally cleared dirt at half twelve - in readiness of an almost 14NM lengthy passage towards Lipso, where we put hook in and swinging nicely since. The promised forecast SSE F6 arrived with sunset and has been blowing a hooley all night. We dropped in 10m thinking "No one else is gonna drop in this depth when there's lots room further in". No, doesn't happen like that. A 'smallish' Rassey  came in just before darkand dropped their hook about 100m or so further in and to wind of us. OK therir Germans and owners too so we think that's unlikely to cause us any problems. They were followed in by a Turkiye (tax-dodgers flying the usual Wilmington USA flag) Beneteau First 50, with full racing set-up (carbon-fibre rig and gossamer main flying nicely all the way in) so they appropriately dropped between the Rassey & us, just to one side (fortunately). As seen before from time to time. Dinghy in water, all aboard and off for drinkies and nosh. Plainly they don't have time to make sure they've put mooring light on? This they finally remembered when they returned in the pitch-black, just after 11 o'clock. I guess they had trouble finding their sparkling BF50 in the dark, having previously done the equivalent of a lifeboat drill with women & children first? I think it soon became apparent they were at risk of drifting and to their credit, whenever we looked, there was someone on anchor-watch with a torch. Justified too because by first light they were about 20m astern of us and by 10 o'clock, as they prepared to scarper, they were a good 50m astern of us heading into deep water.
We're wanting to go take a ganda on this island. We've heard it has a very good cheese dairy and fancy some of their product. Might not get chance though because we're not leaving Ticketeeboo in 30kn wind, even when we know hook's holding fine. We would get 'orribly drenched trying so wmight end-up leaving the cheese pleasure for another occasion...... it being good excuse to come back again in future.
So, one unexpected repair fully accomplished and ticketeeboo. The new water-maker electric motor is now at the Fedex hub, Athens. I'm tracking it's progress and hoping it will continue uneventful progress towards Mrs Matoula, where we can collect in couple weeks time.
Love to F,S,R & J as well T,S,M & P xxx

On deck on hook, Pedi -Symi

Sides-to Pedi. Symi