On hook Loutrou, Nisos Kithnos 37:26.4N 24:25.9E

Sue & Alan
Sat 21 May 2016 15:31
Most pleasant sail from Paros to here, mostly following windies, gusting up to 44kn. With just a little genoa out for most of the time we enjoyed a very pleasant sail. As near to trade-wind sailing as it gets. No pole needed because no massive swell today. So relaxed - Sue wanted to do a little video. https://youtu.be/yww5v3B5pmA .
Now on hook (again). Unfortunately our first few attempts proved unsatisfactory. We know why - there's a lorra weed where we wanted to drop hook. Whilst we were pifferin'-about another yacht cam-in and dropped their hook in much shallower water. And then another yacht followed. When we dragged the last time, by then it was obvious we were not going to stay-put where we were. We'd already dragged a bit so 'up with the hook' (again) and now we're in shallower water, close (not too close) to the first yacht, which arrived after us. If our hook proves OK between now and dark we'll say "We're gonna be OK". Presently there's a lorra gales being forecast and a significant 'low' is passing through from W to E.  This morning's SE'lies are becoming this evenings SW'lies and overnight we're expecting the wind to veer W then N. The change to N'lies isn't due until early hours of the morning. When this happens we need to be smart-awake because we may need to move a little N across the bay or do a short 7NM passage down the coast into better protected bays. We'll make that decision tomorrow - best get tonight over with first.