Underway towards Santa Maria 37:36N 25:34W

Sue & Alan
Sun 29 Jun 2014 10:34
Annie & Mike home safely and Sue on-board enjoying another honeymoon!
After nine nights in Ponta Delgarda Marina it's time to be sailing again. What a lovely gentle sail too! Slipped lines just after eight this morning and with light SE winds we're able to make towards Vila do Porta on Santa Maria averaging mostly between 4½ & 5½kn. It's a little further than I thought because I'd read 30'odd miles between the islands and now know we're gonna do more like 55NM.  When we first got underway and I said to Sue "Well that's it for the next 10 hours" her response was one of surprise so I'm not intending to put head in lions mouth and tell her it's gonna be 55NM until we're much closer. Fortunately we have a exceptionally calm Atlantic swell and the 8-9KN wind (T) is giving us a most pleasurable sail so we should be there before it gets dark.
We had lovely time doing our tourist bit on Sao Miguel. We visited coastal areas as well inland lakes and hot springs. The inland lakes, being within the volcano craters are exceptional. Two close by lakes 'Lagoa das Sete Cides' one green and t'other blue stunningly beautiful and Lagoa das Furnas, which has excellent information centre and hot springs.
Right now Sue's out on the bow, camera in hand because we being treated to another wonderful dolphin display and closing nicely. Don't mind how close we get to dolphins, just don't wanna get too close to any whales!
Touch wood, Ticketeeboo to-do list is presently as small as it's ever been. Even took the opportunity to put a few links between our chain and anchor, which should eliminate the likelihood of occasional problem when bringing anchor-up (something I'd been meaning to do for several months). Topsides are needing good polish to remove some 'bloom-like' sea-streaks and as always needed - freshwater wash next marina!
Between moments when it's best not saying too much, Sue has updated me on the lives of our four Grandchildren, Freya, Sophie, Thomas & Seth, who all seem to be enjoying life to the full. Something we are much looking forward to enjoying again. In meantime we intend keeping ourselves quietly busy on and about Ticketeeboo xxxx