Ormos Milou, Nisos Milos 36:43.3N 24:27.1E

Sue & Alan
Fri 18 May 2012 18:40
On hook early evening after another lively day mostly sailing. At
times managing to miss the squalls and at Other times no chance of
missing them. It's been much cooler, about 17 C and also quite wet as
the rain drives in. Ticketeeboo has been great. The approaches before
the run-in to Ormos Milou were probably the most testing due to many
squals and big seas running from the north. When I dropped the hook
just before six it was just about the right time for Friday afternoon
G and T. Rspecially on a dry yacht! May the day off tomorrow. Will
make the decision overnight. This is a massive anchorage, which was
used by the Brittish Fleet during WW1.
Emails from Stratagen sheltering in Kinthos having another honeymoon
and Sapphire now back in Kemer after a lively sail today (John
mentioned having his pole out?)