Methoni 36:48.9N 21:42.7E

Sue & Alan
Sat 12 Sep 2015 17:37
Picked-up hook about 11:30 this morning and enjoyed brief and lovely 10NM/1½hr sail on 2-reefed genoa with following wind. Last here 6 years ago it's just a pleasant as last time. Been seeing up to 30kn wind during the day and now, just gettin' dark it's beginning to settle down nicely.  Come midnight the wind should be a respectable light breeze without nasty gusts. Must admit, the moment our hook hit dirt we held really well so good to know we're in a good sticky patch of seabed. We could have lost squiddy because neither of us remembered to reel-in before dropping hook. As it is, squiddy lives to swim and entice another day.
Thinking of staying here and visiting shore tomorrow. Impressive fortifications and Cappuccino freddo awaits. Didn't fancy a precarious run ashore in RIB today and would have been reluctant to leave Ticketeeboo swinging alone. 
Last few days have started seeing slightly lower temperatures. Not quite reaching 30ºC and quite pleasant compared to rather warm balmy first days before.