Tied to land via other yachts, Horta Ilha do Faial, Azores 38:31.924N 28:37.541W

Sue & Alan
Mon 2 Jun 2014 20:36
After a relatively easy-going and uneventful (except for many dolphins along the way) 130'odd miles ON DONK from Flores, we arrived here at 10:00 this morning.  Initially we dropped hook and I did recce ashore. Checked in with marina office, immigration & customs so we're free for just about anything. Even been to Mid Atlantic Yacht Services, collected free-issued autopilot drive motor and now awaiting to heard from Duncan re getting rigging sorted. (In meantime Tony/DYL are seeing is Selden can possible speed-up delivery of V1 shroud kit).
So here we are, third yacht rafted to a little 38ft Rassey & 40'odd foot cat and first time Ticketeeboo has benefited from shoreside power since departing Tenerife 6,400 NM/6 months ago! Annie said "Can we put the washing on?"  but I had to point out, we only have 16 amps supply so must wait until batter charger load is almost trickle-charge.
So tonight will be first sleep attached to land with lines since departing Antigua, over 3,000 NM ago. Since we all failed to get decent sleep last night I'm expecting yacht to be very quiet tonight.
Love to Sue, J,P,F & S and R,M,S &T xxxxx