Ormos Vathi - Nisos Sifnos 36:55.8N 24:41.4E

Sue & Alan
Fri 2 Oct 2015 11:48
After 2 days and nights swinging on hook and 90m chain at Nisos Serifos in typically 30-40kn windies we decided to give somewhere else another go today and enjoyed a 17NM 'run' on tiny bit of genoa. In fact, no sooner did we pick our hook up we turned the donk off and sailed out of Ormos Livadhiou at almost 5kn under bare poles. At the time, I even considered not putting any sail out although settled on unfurling just a nappy-sized genoa for our run here - very enjoyable too!
As we closed on Vathi we started to get protection from the heavy seas and when we turned the corner into Vathy we were taken back by it's beautiful surroundings and very calm bay. Tree and Mike recommended this place to us all of 8 years ago and now we appreciate their reasoning. We have sandy beaches, protection from all but W'lies, sandy dirt (which has taken a kind fancy to our hook) and beautiful surroundings. Might decide to be here for two nights because it don't get much better than this. All's we wants now is for the sunshine to resume (only 24ºC) and seawater temperature to go up a little (only 23ºC).
Sue says "We'll have to put this place on our preferred to-go list for when heading back t'other way!"
LOve to R,M, T & S and J,P, F & S xxxxx