5 days completed and likely 3 to go, towards Ria de Muros 42:31N 017:18W

Sue & Alan
Thu 10 Jul 2014 10:16
Start of day 6 Noon on Thursday 10th July 2014.
At 1600 yesterday we tacked so for past 20 hours we've been close-hauled heading as close to E as possible. It's pretty bumpy! Overnight particularly black & bumpy overnight! Wind has been mostly NE F4-F5 and we're taking about 2m seas just off our bow. It's relentless and its very overcast as well. In last 24 hours we've logged 138NM and achieved 104NM towards our destination, so quite good really, sailing with jib & 2 reef mainsl. (I'd like to say for 'comfort' - just to progress safely!). We're downloading weather gribs regularly and are very much aware of the gale warnings in Fitzroy - because that's where were heading through! Fortunately the gales remain forecast to be gone when we get there - although I wanna be sure of this as time moves on in case a change of plan becomes needed?
For this little over 800NM passage we have so far already done 644NM and still have more than 366NM remaining. Good eh? We're expecting to do what's left between now and Sunday. Only question will be "Will we be on hook to watch World Cup Final?". As par usual, BBC World Service dropped the frequency just after kick-off last night and couldn't follow any commentary until well into first half when 5-Live on 909kHz started coming through. Right now, being on hook somewhere quiet on Sunday night looks very appealing to both of us.
Another opportunity to test our heating system. Pleased to say it's working wonderfully well too!
Had lovely email from Rachel yesterday, telling us all about their family holiday in the Lakes. Now we're waiting on an email from Jennifer - soon eh?

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