On passage towards Bermuda - 12:00 ZT

Sue & Alan
Wed 7 May 2014 15:54
1200hrs on 7 May 2014.
In position 18:56N 064:27W COG 005(T) SOG 5.8kn
DTG 806NM at 359(T) Dist Run in last 4½hr is 25NM

We had the hook up a little earlier than planned and were underway by 07:30. We've been donking sonnce because the winds, as expected are very slight, although we expect to be under sail before too long. Seas are being very kind to us too. New flashy squiddy went out this morning & we had a fearsome 3ft long Barracuda on the hook after about 2 hours. It was relatively easy bringing it in to the within reach of the bathing step but getting our gaffhook into it was another matter. Fortunately it had taken the fishing hook really well and wasn't going anywhere during my three attempts to impale it. Not only that, it had really big & sharp nashers so I was not going to give it chance to get to any of my fleshy bits. Eventually I did manage to get it on the aft deck where it took several lump-hammer blows before it was deaded enough! Mike then took charge of cutting fillets off whilst I referred to the book to make sure we are going to be OK to eat it. WARNING (supported by photo) - no ea
t the Barracuda between Martinique & Virgin Islands!!!! Half-beheaded the Barracuda became fish food for the local species. Mike was not happy at this but my mistake so we move on. Barracuda eat lots of other fish so I am pleased to give the little'uns some payback time!
Grab bag almost complete and will be sealed ready for NOT using soon as Annie & Mike's phones are fully recharged. It's amazing the lengths we go to not to use certain items, which are compulsory purchase on a sailing yacht!
The fridge is working well - pleased to say. It was lots better this morning and even better now we are underway. I suspect these high sea temperatures have an adverse effect and the keel coolers perform much better when water's passing over them. Nevertheless I will try and get our fridge system recharged with gas whilst we are in Bermuda.
We checked all available weather reports and gribs and our passage plan fits well. Winds should increase from E soon and stay from E almost all way into Bermuda. We could get a little wet when they increase F6'ish for a day or so in couple days time. Annie & Mike have just been out to the bow to say hello to some dolphins (4 little-uns, which they say was saying "Hello, where's Alan?" whilst I bang away at these keys.
We're now about 10NM N of Anegada Island (where I'm told Richard Branson charges several thousand $/£ per night for posh people to abode from time to time on 'his' island. I guess (allegedly) there might possibly be some sort of a tie-up with BVI tax benefits????
Intention is to update at 1200ZT each day whilst underway. At present 1200ZT = 1600UT = 1700 UK Gobbins Time!

DTG - distance to go.
COG - course over ground.
SOG - speed over ground.
DTG - theoretical shortest distance to go.

All is well on board. Love to Sue, Family D & Family H xxxxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 07/05/2014 15:52 UT our position was 18°56.41'N 064°27.13'W