St Pierre, Martinique 14:43.75N 061:10.92W

Sue & Alan
Wed 19 Feb 2014 21:06
Our excursion ashore yesterday afternoon brought us the delights of a family orientated beach resort. Very much underdeveloped. Unfortunately we couldn't find a cafe offering iced coffee (which we are now accustomed to enjoying) so we settled for couple of local Martinique beers. Minor problem when I cam to pay........... thought I had only brought EC$ so lefte Sue in cafe whilst I skidaddled back to Ticketeeboo for some €. Guess what? No € on yacht! (It was in my rucksack all the time!). When I returned to the cafe Sue was not amused, having been needlessly left there alone.
We had plenty torrential rain during the night (again) except this time we awoke to beautiful sunshine and 20% puffy clouds. A lovely morning. Breakfast in the cockpit then up hook and underway. Lively sail across the bay of Fort de France where we were blessed with beam reaching, E F6 sometimes F7. Needless to say we took a couple of soakings from time to time as the odd wave hit us beam-on. Thought I was being smart when first one delivered our cockpit a deluge, only Sue there to receive it! I heard the 'thump' followed by Sue's 'ohhhhhhhhh' and the intense splashing of the water. Naturally I didn't chuckle. Short while later I'm sitting on the windward side then same thing happened, except this time I'm the one getting soaked! Wouldn't mind because with a 28ºC water temperature, it's not cold. just inconvenient, but the after effects with 25+kn wind across the yacht it does 'cool' quite quickly. All part of a tough day in the office eh?
Later in the afternoon............ on hook about ½M to the south of St Pierre. Despite us having 31ºC and mostly sunshine we are getting regular showers though! Looks like being one of the best anchorages thus far, especially so having been rewarded with a bacon & egg butty (washed-down with a couple of local beers) soon after dropping hook here.
Intending to be here couple of days. We'll be needing to check-out before heading northwards again towards Dominica, our next island on the list.
Hope all is well for our families in UK and just to let them know WE LIKE PLENTY FREQUENT EMAILS PLEASE!!!!
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 19/02/2014 14:22 UT our position was 14°33.08'N 061°07.82'W