Clifton Village, Union Island 12:35.72N 061:24.75W

Sue & Alan
Mon 3 Feb 2014 19:33
A brisk sail, mostly close-hauled from Carriacou towards here today. 11NM over ground - 16NM sailed (tacking into wind). For second time I followed the pilot book's recommendations and for the second time I could have taken a less torturous entry into our chosen anchorage. Earlier today being the most risky due to there being a lorra lorra yachts, some at anchor and some on buoys, moored in the only available channel and there being 20 kn + of windies made our entry very interesting. I must admit to being far too close to a catermaran at one stage, needing me to kick/opposite helm to avoid bovver! In future if the pilot books recommends going in, before coming out, the words "Get stuffed" might be under my breath and Jacques Patuelli can shove his pilot book up his own atol reef! As they say in the land of silverbirds "Every landing is a good one!"
This is, nevertheless, a most beautiful anchorage. Busy yes although that doesn't deter from it being quite lovely. We have a reef 'Thompson Reef' to seawards (to our east) which is preventing the Atlantic swell and waves from reaching us and 'Roundabout Reef' in our lee, which we ain't gonna get any nearer to because our anchor is not for moving. There's a small airport here where I need to visit to check-in soon.
The sail here was quite lovely. Our mainsl came out like a dream and went back like a dream. No problems and me very pleased after the unexpected faults, which I put right yesterday. The really good thing about sailing these parts is it is actually sailing - only using donk when entering or leaving anchorages. This I like and could get used to it. If only the Med has more trade winds and less thunderstorms? Dream on eh!!
When I checked out of Grenada at Carriacou this morning Had a good chat with the local Customs man. Seems his parents and their parents own big chunk of Tyrell Bay (including the Customs & Immigration Office where he hangs out) and he was saying there are abour 6,500 people on Carriacou Island, they have a homicide approx every 5 years and it's illegal to swear at or even use threatening language in public. Warra good Law! Why can't we have a Law like that in the UK? We ate ashore yesterday evening. Had a lovely barby-chicken salad & rum punches. The whole meal including drinks for the four of us was just $160 East Caribbean Dollars - less than £40! Best value yet! Kevin, chef & proprietor was exceptionally pleasant and his 22 year old waitress 'Aliesha' was adelight to chat to. Aliesha warned us not to drink too many rum punches and says she is waiting for a 22 year-old hansom prince from UK to rescue her. I said "22 year old blokes are too immature at that age and are still being l
ooked-after by their Mums & Dads." Aliesha then asked "How old is the person I need to be looking for?" "Fifty nine" was my reply, just before Sue gave me the evil eye!
Needless to say we were well appreciative of the local chickens and rum punches when we returned to Ticketeeboo at the very late time of ten past eight......... in bed before nine! Gee, we know how to party time!
Next big decision will be "Do we stay here two nights or do we move on towards Tobago Cays tomorrow? Decisions, decisions, decisions, decisions? Where's Tobago Cays on might ask? Not next to the lochs in these parts and they look pretty inviting for a visit.

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