Palon - Nisos Nisiros 36:37.18N 27:10.25E

Sue & Alan
Sun 11 Oct 2015 16:25

​We departed Astipalaia last Friday, as planned and set-off towards Nisos Tilos. On the way, when chit-chatting on HF SSB radio our friends on s/y Street Wise recommended Nisiros. Our pilot book said Nisiros is a 'no-no' nevertheless Street Wise informed us of changes, which have taken place in recent years and said the place is wonderful. I checked-out recent CA updates. Some said Palon is silting-up BUT most recent said they had been dredging Palon last May so we made exec' decision to visit Palon. It's a great place, phenomenal volcano and very friendly people. Just a pity so many charter yachts wanna come here in testing conditions having just picked-up their charter yacht at Kos. Least said the better because attempting to go sterns-to in a crosswind can be difficult enough........ attempting this in high winds is suicidal and many have come unstuck today.
We initially intended moving on towards Symi this morning. Very strong SE F7-F8, which would have been 'on the nose' helped us decide to stay-put a extra day.
Yesterday we enjoyed use of a hire car and visited the 5 x local hot-spots. The big crater, which dominates central region, is gigantic!

Nisiros 'big' Volcano Crater