Ormos Plati Yialos, Nisos Sifnos 36:55.72N 24:43.77E

Sue & Alan
Sat 19 May 2018 18:52
We pulled hook out this morning with intention heading east towards Nisos Antiparos, where we'd picked out bit of a bay we fancy about 20NM away with light southerly wind to get us there. It soon became obvious we were only going to do it on the donk. So, instead, we opted to pop in here, Ormos Plati Yialos, doing a whole 5NM passage. So we're just little way further round coast Nisos Sifnos. We're only yacht on hook and we have just enough protection from the forecast SW'ly overnight wind. Sue watched today's Royal Wedding on her Kindle and I watched FA Cup final on my phone. Our PAYG SIM has today taken bit of a nock so will need topping-up sooner than expected.
Happy Birthday Freya xxx