Home - despite the clocks mix-up

Sue & Alan
Mon 26 Oct 2015 08:43
That's about it for a little while..... and until needing next yacht-fix!  Before leaving, we did enjoy one of our more 'senior moments' though, which I can explain.........
Early in September Monarch Airlines sent us an email, saying they had changed the times of our flight. When I followed their link to acknowledge their changed times it became clear they had simply put-back our take-off time by 1 hour. "Strange" me thinks because they can't reduce the flight time from just under 5 hours to just under 4 hours because an Airbus 320 can't go that fast and they can't predict 100 MPH favourable winds several weeks ahead, can they?  So I replied to their email asking them to check!  Of course, Monarch being Monarch sent a reply saying they don't accept reply emails and telling me I had to ring them. "Stuff it" me thinks and lets the matter go. Maybe they'll send a follow-up email when they realise their error? There must be almost 300 other passengers with same thoughts so let someone else with 'proper' email access to bring this little matter to their attention?
Come 24th October, it's time for summer time to end and winter time to start..... so the clocks go back by 1 hour early hours of last Sunday in the month, don't they? We've been in Turkiye several years at this time of the year and Turkiye clocks go back same as rest of Europe.... don't they?  Sue & I  (separately) check our phones and true enough Istanbul time zone is same as Athens time zone and Sue even checked-up on the internet (properly?). So, before we go to bed Saturday evening Sue put's yacht clocks back 1 hour, we both do same with watches and we both do same with phones and tablets, as well bedside alarm clock. We sets 2 x alarms for 7 o'clock giving us a whole 4 hours to sunder our way through the outstanding jobs in preparation for our 11 o'clock taxi transfer, which we had already booked.
At twenty to ten I makes us our last iced coffees thinking, "Drink these then finish remaining jobs". No it doesn't work like that does it?  Taxi driver turns-up. Me goes ashore and tells him, he's bit early. Taxi drive says no problem he'll wait at the dock. We were happily enjoying my fine iced coffee's and I thinks, "Better go have a word with Taxi-man" feeling can't leave him there wasting good time not knowing clocks had gone back and it's only 10 o'clock not 11 o'clock. Taxi-man says "Clocks in Turkiye go back next week, not same as EU!". Oh pooh! Now Sue's in a panic and we've gorra do an hours jobs in as few minutes as possible. Rule 1..... more haste less speed. Rule 2 ......... Don't put Alan's hand luggage on seat where have just put Alan's full iced coffee. Rule 3 ......... No good saying "Oh shit!" when Alan's coffee takes a different route into the marina water. In the end, Sue enjoyed here iced coffee & I didn't get chance to. We were complete as we were gonna be when we sat in the Taxi ready to go....... or so we thought!  Rule 4 (for which Sue redeemed herself full) when saying "Have you got the passports?"  Final Rule .......... always make certain passports and wallet are in grubby hands before departing for airport. With just a few minutes more delay, now even better finished than few minutes earlier ..... we departed and arrived at the airport OK.  As the plane was about to leave the captain mentioned many passengers had experienced same problem, and some even missed the plane.

Footnote...... must remember to put hot water bottles in bed when no heating has been on whilst away from home. Also, our son has just informed me the matter of Turkiye changing the clocks on different date to EU this year is because they want more people to vote at their forthcoming elections .......... just a pity they don't advertise the fact properly. Finally, thank you to Monarch ....... who could have included their reason for their flight times change when they first found out.