Nisos Dhenousa - NW bay called Roussa 37:07.4N 25:49.4E

Sue & Alan
Fri 20 May 2016 10:48
Dropped the hook well tucked into the bay late yesterday afternoon. Later joined by another yacht we'd seen on Patmos. Pity it was the yacht, which had loads of bother so when they approached far too close for our comfort we gave them a clear indication where there is lots more room. We had a very pleasant calm overnight and slept through more than 8 hours departing this morning towards Nisos Paros.
Roussa is a gem of a place. There's few buildings and one taverna. We are saving going ashore for next time because with a forecast SE'ly it wouldn't be a good place tonight. Presently we have a freezer full of food needing to be eaten so not planning to scoff ashore for next few days. We also have an additional giant tub of ice-cream I took a fancy to at Patmos so it's ice-cream for afters most nights now.
We picked-up a new HDMI cable at Patmos so can now watch Games of Thrones, which we have on hard-drive. Jennifer told us how good this series is and our friend Carl added to our expectations saying how he watched episode after episode, back-to-back, because he was completely enthralled! After seeing the first and second episode from series 1..... we think there is an abundance of fortification, which our son-in-law Paul did mention (we think?). We'll see if we can get through episodes 3 & 4 tonight without changing our opinions?
We'll be OK for this trip's evenings entertainment because we have 5 series, each with 10 episodes. Phew!
We're due some strongish S'lies overnight and tomorrow so likely next heading to Nisos Kithnos.......... going with the flow.
Love to P,J,S & F and R,M,T & S xxx