Ormos Milopotamou, Nisos Ios 36:42.7N 25:17.5E

Sue & Alan
Sun 4 Oct 2015 10:59
What a lovely sail today. 36NM from Nisos Sifnos to hear, sailing on 2-reefed genoa and full mainsl broad reaching doing mostly 7½-8kn most of the time. Don't get much better!!
Having visited Nisos Serifos and then Nisos Sifnos recently, when Sue asked "Is that Sikaflex over there?" I'm looking round the cockpit & decks then realised Sue really meant "Sikinos"........an easy mix-up when there's so many Islands beginnin' with 'S' and ending in 'os'
This is yet another lovely bay, having lovely golden-sandy beach throughout the byte, few local tavernas and typically white traditional buildings. Only thing it don't have is a quay for us to berth RIB on. Sandy beaches are fine but a PITA if we need to drag our RIB up the beach. We'll see how determined we might be to go ashore after enjoying one of Sue's tasty cheese on toast specials?

R&R Ios

View of Ormos Milopotamou - Nisos Ios

​The Grandchildren would love these sandy beaches xxxxxxx