Towards Nisos Amorgos and beyond 36:54N 25:59E

Sue & Alan
Thu 17 May 2012 07:41
Up at 6 and underway at half past. I expected today to be exciting and
energetic with forecast SW F5-6, which has proved correct thus far.
Whilst I would like to set course due W towards Nisos Ios it is just
too close to wind and am presently heading a little more to the North,
towards S end of Nisos Amorgos. My intention now, plan C, being to pas
just south of Nisos Amorgos and sail onto Nisos Iraia,where I have
picked out good anchorage Ormos Yeoryios on NE coast. This shoud give
me the protection I want overnight when the wind is expeced to reach
near gale from the west again. Good plan Mucker!
Some prety big seas which constantly flood the leaside deck. Even have
LJ readily at hand incase I need to go on deck. Dolphins having a play
and taking interest as well.
Email from Sandra and Ray s/y Stratage had a long donk ride to Nisos
Kithos yesterday so they are well placed to go through Orinth ina few
days. Hope they remember it sometimes costs double on a certain day?
No news on GC No.3 yet. No rush. Take your time 'borne to be soon' I'
very patient and will willingly wait for our new crew! Not sure
Jennifer and Paul will agree whole heartedly. We have bunks for
4additional crew - 2 Higgins and 2 Douglas Grandchildren will be fine.
Have a good day My Loverr xxxxxx