Ormos Vathi, Nisos Astipalaia 36:37.1N 26:23.7E

Sue & Alan
Sun 13 May 2012 11:40
On hook in one of the best places possible. This bay has a relatively
narrow entrance,which shallows to about 3m before opening up to a
lovely bay surrounded by hills. If I could send pics I would. Pleasant
morning sail from Kamari,onsouth end of Kos 36M took 7 hours mostly
sailing too (for a change). Will now need to see what these strong
westerlies get up to before moving on from here. Saw one other yacht
underway on way here.......not exactly busy then.
Had security warning emain from Facebook last night indicating our
account had been hacked. It transpires My Lover is the alleged hacker!
(How exciting).