Rodnay Bay, St Lucia 14:04.92N 060:57.59W

Sue & Alan
Sat 8 Feb 2014 18:24
After a surprisingly peaceful overnight at Soufriere Bay, t'was a leisurely donk, supported by reefed mainsl, for 20'odd NM northwards towards here this morning, dropping hook about 1'ish. Not much happening in meantime although we did get a little close to an un-spotted little fishing boat when I took my eye off the ball! One issue about following a coastline is that other yachts are going your way or t'other way. When on the donk this usually means keep a good lookout and be prepared to keep out oth the way of yachts sailing t'other way, running down-wind.
The exceptionally good news we followed on way here is Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1. Wow!!!! Michael even sent us an email when we were 4-0 up with 10 minutes to go to half time!
Rodney Bay is a huge anchorage with lots of space. Plenty wind from E coming over the rather low-lying land to our E. Not having received a reply to my enquiry to repair our sails, I'm thinking I better go ashore and see who/what's what in these parts?
It looks like rain but it's not raining. Windows are heavily salted & need a clean. Question is do I or don't I wash 'em now?
We're here until at least Tuesday. Monday Sandra & Ray depart for the airport. We may be here a few days more if we can get the work done on our sails.
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