On hard at Ionian Preveza Marine 38:57.0N 20:45.9E

Sue & Alan
Tue 3 Jul 2012 16:45
Ticketeeboo is on the hard now in a steel cradle. Looks interesting and as usual, all of a sudden 'it's a long way down!'. LIfted out at 08:30 as expected. A little daunting moving astern into the slipway with no crew on deck to make any final adjustments to fenders and throw lines. Particularly in a 15kn crosswind, which is always gonna be 'on the beam'. Slowly, slowly until yacht is stationary  and donk in neutral, then it's a casual walk around the deck passing the four prepared lines ashore. With a total of 16 fenders distributed around the hull at the right level the risk is kept at a minimum because being a mere male I an unable to multi-task.
The team leader, Yannis (John) remembered me from Cleopatra 6 years ago! Interestingly, he wanted me to check I was happy with the position of the lifting slings before continuing. Only one snag.......... I had to remove our SSB antenna immediately before the lift because it was in the way! (Only took 2 mins though and is now safe on deck). No necessity to undo back-stays here because their hoist is fine.
Now its 37C and getting hotter. Fortunately there is a gentle breeze and it does help! Fridge & freezer is now off. I came up with a good 'get out of gaol card' though - have the ice-maker on now making ice to put in all drinks. e.g. Using up the last of our fresh milk and drinking it with loads of ice. Very good too!
It's not possible to stay outside in the sun for lengthy periods so I'm inside for cold drinks (no alcohol during the daytime) to keep refreshed. The work hasn't even started yet either.
Have excellent TV reception and enjoyed seeing 2 x ex-Liverpool players in Spain's winning team last night.
Sue home safe & well & enjoying playing Grandma' with the three little'uns.

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