On hook Isla Craciosa - day 2

Sue & Alan
Sun 20 Oct 2013 18:42
What a lovely day, well spent!
Started when I arose at ten to eight to chat to our yachtie friends on SSB. We chatted as 2,500NM away to Robert s/y Quest, who are in Marmaris. As well Hobnob (Sardinia), Godspeed (Rabat), Gemini (departing Rota heading towards Tenerife) and Kinabalou (La Linea). Then back to bed (for a cuppa tea!) and finally some jobs on deck completed the morning. Less I forget 11am mushrooms on toast, which were scrummy (ta Sue)!
This afternoon I decided to replace a torn seal on a dicky Lewmar hatch, which we look up to because it's on the deck of our aft cabin. What a job! Yuck!!!! The original was torn and Lewmar kindly sent me a replacement seal under warranty. It's not easy to fit. I thought it would take less than an hour to do the job. No chance! I had previously done a temporary repair , and that was a doddle. In comparison, fitting an entirely new seal need three pairs of hands and is almost bordering on impossible. I even thought I was going to have to patch-up the original duff seal because the new one was fast becoming a bridge too far! To make matters excruciatingly difficult, the new one came apart as well. (Something I will take-up with Lewmar when back in the UK). At least we had one light moment.......... I was sitting on the frame to make the ends come together when Sue said "Let me sit on it...... I'm heavier than you!" I've made a record of Sue's admission because I doubt I will ever hear her say anything like this again? The 'less than one hour job' ended-up taking four hours, a lorra effort and plenty of humor. Job done (for now). Not perfect although much better than the tatty ribbon of the original seal, which had ripped apart in at least three places. Looking on the good side, I had some extra bronzying whilst doing the job.
I believe we're having chile-con-carni (or something like that) for tonight's dinner (posh expression = 'tea' in Liverpool). We've enjoyed today so much we're gonna have another day here tomorrow!
Good evening to all. Love to the Grand-kiddies. xxxxx
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