On hook Isola Teredda - S Sardinia

Sue & Alan
Tue 12 May 2015 08:29
Whilst enjoying our first 'Ticketeeboo fresh caught' tuna & chips yesterday evening, we decided to come into this S-facing bay, just to the E of Isola Teredda, just under 1NM E of Porto Malfatano. This allowed us to be on the hook just on eleven o'clock, thus avoiding the coastal overnight passage towards Villasimius (previously intended). Good call too! At that time the bay as well it's approach, is almost totally unlit. So in towards the 10m contour gently, gently, until we were in about 6-7m depths then we dropped hook. The illusion of darkness can make distance from shoreline very deceiving. As expected, we dropped in the middle and with an E'ly wind up to 12kn so far, we're 100m from our nearest shoreline. To Sue's delight, we have a lovely sandy beach towards byte of the bay so may well go check-out the civilised natives, this afternoon. Last night we both slept solid for a good eight hours and it's so lovely here we're thinking we'll stay put another night and make towards Ael
onian Islands tomorrow morning. The aim being to get ahead of some nasty weather and very strong winds, due to manifest in the S Tyrrhenian Sea (last time for us the 'Terribleanean Sea') between here and our next destination Isola Vulcana. Our dasterly passage plan should keep us ahead of these nasty conditions and keep My Lover happy. We've used a lorra diesel so far, although it looks like we may not use so much during our next leg. We've got a lorra of it left anyway!
It was just lovely to drop hook, enjoy a glass of vino in completely settled conditions. The quietness was almost deafening (as they say). Not another yacht in site and once again Ticketeeboo has privilege of being alone in beautiful surroundings.
As for the passage as a whole. We're now more than half way towards the Ionian Greek Islands and if we can maintain similar progress we should be there with maybe up to two weeks to spare........ and have some good R&R.
We now know our friends s/y Condor, Collette & Robert, will be there same time so much looking forward to meeting-up again in the sunshine.
Love to R&M S&T, J&P F&T xxxxxxxx
PS We've finished all the good milk (Freya's milk with the blue top) and are now on the usual green-top watered-down nats p**s
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