Isla Salvora, Ria de Arosa 42:28.46N 009:00.21W

Sue & Alan
Mon 21 Jul 2014 16:04
Couple days ago, with the wind forecast from N we decided to re-visit Muros, where we took the opportunity to top-up our pre-pay internet dongle and do little bit shopping. This morning we moved out of Ria Muros and donked about 25NM into the outermost part of Ria Arosa, where we are now on hook just off SE coast of Isla Salvora. It's very pleasant here. A pity the seawater temperature is just 15ºC 'cause that's bit too cool to wanna go swimming in! On t'other hand there's no other yachts here and we have this part of the coast all to ourselves and it's a beautiful, peaceful place to be tonight.
Spent most of the afternoon trying to get our seawater washdown pump working. It's an impossible job because seawater has leaked into the pump-head and it's well and truly knackered/NFU. A new pump will be needed. Ironically, we don't use our seawater washdown very often. This morning, however, Sue wanted to wash a lorra 'seabed goo' off our anchor... and that's when we discovered our washdown pump don't work any more! As they say "Worse things happen at sea" and that's a fact. Annoyingly........ there's always something else on the horizon to be fixed!