Underway - wowards Formentera (if winds OK?)

Sue & Alan
Thu 7 May 2015 10:50
Sides-to alongside Muelle de Alfonso XII at Real Club de Regattas de Cartagena for two nights, during which time we spent couple days with our friends Clare & David, who were visiting their property at Las Ramblas. Needless to say thoroughly enjoyable time, where we also met Dave's Brother, Bruce & his wife Angela. Angela recommended La Tartanna for tapas at Cartagena and Clasre & Dave took us to Rebate restaurant at Carretera. We are very privileged because the food at both places is superb and very reasonably priced. Never had so many variations of tapas! Sue's been suffering from flue (nothing as bad a man-flue) which has temporary reduced her ability to speak loudly so isn't bossing me about as much. We left the decision to get underway this morning until after seeing what sort of night Sue had. We're underway and that speaks for itself although I know my night was disturbed lots with Sue coughing as loud and croaky as I have ever experienced. Sue claims to be OK to be underway
so that's OK with me because I may as well be on watch trying to stay awake listening to General Election results as being in bed trying to get some sleep!!!
We have an easterly wind, which ain't best when we wanna go east so we're on donk for time being. When we clear the headland in short whilst maybe we can benefit form some close-hauling? If we can't get good angle on Formentera we might choose to head towards N coast Ibiza instead. The possibility of going straight towards Sardinia (which is far far away) might bring Sue's voice back too soon and me end up with ear-ache!
Tatty-bye for now Grandchildren and their Mums & Dads xxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 06/05/2015 19:53 UT our position was 37°35.82'N 000°59.02'W