kemer 36:36.00N 30:34.32E

Sue & Alan
Mon 19 Oct 2015 13:41
Dropped into Cavus Limani yesterday, on hook in very pleasant surroundings and very peaceful overnight. This left us just 20NM to do this morning and we entered Kemer Marina just after mid-day. First took fuel so that we have full tanks for the winter and made chemical dosing (anti-bug treatment) easy to do. Really well received, specially by Hamza, who came onboard, gave us a choice of where we wanted to berth and helped with lines. We're now on F pontoon, with plenty space either side and 2 x lazy lines. Hamza recommended this berth and looks like he's had some new chains laid to accept our overall length comfortably. The marina's plenty full, mostly looks like local boats, also some people still here from when we last departed 4 years ago! e.g. Jan & Peter s/y His & Hers and Joan & Wolfgang s/y Protea. The Navigator has 'closed' but there's a local hostility, with a good name, giving 20% discount to Kemmerites! 
The marina itself is very welcoming and pleasantly quiet. One really good thing about not being in our old spot on H-dock is we are good way from one previously annoying source of noise (local restaurants doing clanky-clanky).
So as Sue said earlier today, in last couple of months we've met old friends and met new ones, eaten some wonderful octopussy, visited some beautiful places, helped some charterers get out of a mess and enjoyed plenty good sailing and lots of sunshine..... finally arriving safe and well, back in Kemer. We've done just over 2,800NM since departing Gibraltar last May, 924NM since departing Preveza. It's been a lorra fun! Now time for winter and start planning for next season (again).