Day 10 gone and on the donk continuing towards Flores, Azores 39:02N 038:29W

Sue & Alan
Mon 26 May 2014 15:14
Start of day 11 Noon on Bank Holiday Monday 26th May 2014.
In position 39º02'N 038º29W COG 083(T) SOG 5.5kn On donk. Wind SW F4-5. 2m seas. Slightly overcast with sun coming through.
Flores, Azores is 084(T) 341NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 135NM Distance made good towards Flores 135NM.

Fairly uneventful 24 hours ON THE DONK, although I have been exchanging emails with Discovery Yachts and Mid Atlantic Yacht Services so that we are not unduly delayed sorting problems when we get to Horta. We are expecting to arrive and go on the hook at Porto das Lajes in the very early hours of Thursday morning. This means I can adjust our speed so that our final approach will be in daylight rather than at night. This gives us the opportunity to get some shut-eye soon as we're settled on hook. Our expectations of Lajes/Flores is simple. We understand there's not much there so it will be a delightful. We're told there is a Ukranian lady who runs a cafe/restaurant, you can have a cold shower ashore (if that's to one's fancy, which ain't gonna be to mine!) and there is a shop about a mile or so inland. There is small marina (recently completed) which can take up to 10m boats so no good for us at 17m length. We are also told you can only get fuel in containers so we won't be topping up
fuel whilst visiting Flores either. We believe there is plenty room there for us on hook, where we plan to stay until early Sunday morning.

Made radio contact with Quest (parked Finike 3,300NM away in Turkiye) early this morning. Signal was very weak, as expected. Going to try again this morning. Robert emailed me and wrote "Hi Alan, Well, good news: we know we're both alive, but we don't know by how much" which makes me chuckle.

Sue tells me 'Flores' means 'Flowers' so we are now expecting to see lots of flowers on the island of Flores. Whilst we'll have a few jobs to do we will also want a little ganda at the place. I don't think there's a lorra tourists go there so should be entirely unspoiled. Will be good to visit because it's the sort of place Sue & I usually aim for. Busy morning this morning because every time I do send/receive another email pops-up in my inbox so it's probably the first day when I've not prepared blog in advance. Looks like the weather is going to hold out very favourable for us all the way into Flores so we will have done very well - despite having to be on the donk last few days!

Love & best wishes to Sue and J,P,F & S and R,M,S & T xxxxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 26/05/2014 14:14 UT our position was 39°02.07'N 038°35.04'W