Panormittis - Nisos Simi 36:33.06N 27:50.79E

Sue & Alan
Mon 12 Oct 2015 16:06
Last dropped hook here in 2011 and it's just as good as ever.
Not best of conditions for making ZZZZZ's last night because the wind continued to howl until the early hours. By 07:30 the wind had disappeared almost completely so escaping dirt and recovering hook was a synch and we were underway by 8 o'clock. No sailing though because we had mostly light following winds and a pig of a roly sea for most part of the 34NM passage - on donk all the way. We entered here at 1 o'clock and Sue then did us a wonderful smoked salmon & scrambled-egg lunch. As night approaches the mention of a further 'what's on the menu tonight?' evening meal is very tantalising for my taste-buds!

Happy Birthday Thomas - 3 today xxx