Day 5 done - towards Flores, Azores 36:00N 051:54W

Sue & Alan
Wed 21 May 2014 15:03
Start of day 6 Wednesday 21st May 2014.
In position 36:00N 051:54W COG 055(T) SOG varying 6-7kn stb'd tack reefed jib & 3 reefed mainsl. Wind SSE F6 & 2-3m seas
Flores, Azores is 072º(T) 1,002NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 145NM Dist made good towards Flores 137NM.

As forecast, it's bit of a grey day (typical UK day) and only nice because we are sailing along very (VERY) nicely. Before handing-over to Mike at 0900 last night, we were sailing on full jib + mainsl in relatively light SSE'ly winds. When I came on watch at midnight the wind was up to F4/5 so 2 reefs went in the mainsl. At half four this morning, as the wind shows signs of strengthening further we went down to one reef in jib & three reefs in mainsl. Since then we've been seeing mostly SSE F6 gusting occasionally to 30kn and possibly up to 3m seas. Ticketeeboo is riding along wonderfully well seeing mostly 7kn boat speed/SOG. We do have lots water breaking on our stbd beam because wind, swell & waves are just on our beam. This is good (also conservative and safe) sailing for us. Like lots of other yachties, we are doing a little course change heading us towards casualty s/y Cheeki Rafiki search areas. We now have more details of the 2 x 100NM radius search areas and are making towar
ds nearest, entering search area this afternoon. Chances we might spot something may be soooooooo small but worth a go since we are passing nearby.

Wind is due to reduce this evening, probably just before or just after dusk. Right now it is absolutely pissing it down and it's not warm either, although I'm still in shorts (Annie & Mike too) so not that cold really. Annie's planning chicken chow mein for main/early afternoon meal today. We were going to have this yesterday but the chicken breasts were to hard (frozen) at the allotted time so I did ham, egg & chips instead!

Sue is playing Mary Poppins/Nanna looking after Freya & Seth this afternoon. Will it be sunshine fun and games outside or playtime with Freya's new Birthday kitchen/cooker toys inside? Later it'll be fun at scoffs, then bath-time then bed (Sue hopes?). Have a great day My Lover. Love and best wishes also to R,M,S & T and J,P,F & S xxxxx

Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng