Monemvasia - E Peloponese 36:41.4N 23:02.3E

Sue & Alan
Sun 20 Sep 2015 16:27
Pleasant enough 33NM on donk (again) this morning. Dipped our noses into the marina. Not a lorra room so aborted our intended sides-to deducing we will probably enjoy more being on hook on N side of the isthmus...... and here we are, presently testing the security of our hook in some considerable over-land gusts reaching top side of 25kn. Forecasts aren't predicting these so lets hope it's just an evening/local thing? We know we're in for a change in the weather, that's why we've dilly-dallied our way here, not wanting strong Meltemi winds on the nose now we're in Aegean!  Undecided if we're gonna hang here for just one night or two (because we're expecting lots of free boat-washed during next couple of days. Our decision will rest on (i) how settled we are in these winds and (ii) latest forecast in morning. Right now we're leaning towards moving further N tomorrow.... and maybe doing a bit of sailing if the winds are good.... hippeee?
Just put another 25m chain out for good measure because these gusts aren't showing any signs of reducing for now. 80m in 14m depth seems pretty reasonable and no other yachts to worry about is good.