Towards Katakolon in position 36:57N 21:36E

Sue & Alan
Wed 23 May 2012 11:19
Yesterday was a work day. First thing needing doing was to go up the
mast and retreive our broken radar radome. Suitably prepared with
tools and string I put our mast-climber into use. Not the best
conditions because 20kts wind on the hook = a less than stable
experience. Now I know what it feeds like to be a conkerin the hands
of conker-king at school playtime. It took some time before I had
cables disconnected and the radome ready to lower. It was heavier than
I was prepared for so it was a good job my securing line held it from
free-fall. I had already jammed our biggest cockpit cushions on dct to
protect our saloon windaws insuch a way they didn't blow away. What I
didn't allow for was the radome comingin to land like a returning
space shuttle, as it made its way down the inner shroud I'd tied it
to. A ptetty neat unintentional landing at that! I brought the radome,
which I had tied to y harness, down at considerably more leisurely
pace because it felt like I was tied on to a kite in a whirlwind.
Whilst all that was going on the washing machine was doing its thing
so no peace for the wicked because the fresh laundry now needed
pegging out. Then lunch - stuffed peppers again to help keepme regular
and they are really good done on the George Foreman too. Some other
jobs on the list done in the afternoon and 5pm came so quickly. Now
time to lower the RIB into the mixing bowl and go ashore. I say
5because the Greeks shut-up shop for nookie (inspirational optumism?)
between 2 and 5.
By the time I found the HIDDEN Cosmote STERILE mobile phone shop it
was gone six and they had only just opened. Unbelieveable! Do not
stock USB dongle and 3 or more days to get one at that! Next stop
Vodaphone shop immediately opposite, Picture this. Big hairy bloke
'George' in chair practiced in the art of not getting up (probably
for fear of exercise) and similarly styled woman 'Porikavy' in the
adjacent chair. Oh yes, both sitting at desks like knomes. George
doesn't have a USB dongle on stock either but categorically promises
me he will have one for me at 11 am next morning. I repeat what he
says because I want to make certain I have heard him right because it
means missing the early start needed for my next passage. I say
"Eleven O'clock USB internet adapter for Vodafone SIM will bethis
shop, here, eleven, in morning. For certain?" George says "Yes. Eleven
in morning I bring you come here." I did and it wasn't! I will not
type cast George as typical for Greece. Sad thing is when I returned
this morning at eleven he didn't appear to give a toss. and said Maybe
tomorrow". I simply told him he was untruthful and left his shop
disgucted with him and his Mum!
Pleased to say the greengrocer, baker and supermarket in Pylos were
brilliant to replenish my store.
Genoa looks sad but Ticketeebo is brill. ETA Katakolon around sunset.
Ta for last email My Lover xxxxxxxx
PS If you fink I cant spel it mite be because kindle dont ave a
spelchk and text is just below my tolerance level even with my twenty
twenty vizzion.