Lefkas Town quay 38:50.1N 20:42.7E

Sue & Alan
Thu 20 Sep 2012 12:08
Lovely night swinging on the hook in Ormos Kapail, Nisos Meganisi. When we dropped in 20m depth we agreed "If we hold good we'll swing" and we did so we did! Stratagem were on the hook in Kapali's other byte so naturally we joined them for sun downers (again). This morning we had a little passage on the donk up through Lefkas canal and are now sterns-to the town quay. On our first approach we had a good S'ly beam wind and although I think we dropped our hook in the ideal spot, not interfering with the skippered Ocean Star charter yacht down wind of us, they were objecting to our close presence. In fact they were objectionable to just about everything we did so to appease them we re-laid our anchor at the same angle as theirs! To the South firstly because their skipper was insisting there is a storm coming from the south and secondly because their anchor is already to the south. No big deal until a Brit on s/y FA DIRA, anchored on the other side of the Ocean Star charter yacht shouted "Bugger off and go somewhere else". With absolutely no reason for his aggressively disgusting attitude, which I chose to totally ignore at the time and store for later, we proceeded to line-up and berth again. The Ocean Star charter skipper and his floozy obviously mean well but realistically his floozy needed ignoring when she was demanding our stern line too early and before I had Ticketeeboo completely settled in the beam wind. (She did not seem to like this and appeared to get her knickers in a knot shouting "You'll burst our fenders" Fat chance! That's what fenders are for when it is impossible to prevent one yacht from lying on another for a short while whilst berthing with a beam wind. Nevertheless I gratefully thanked her for taking our stern lines in the timely manner I required.
When settled, whilst I was adjusting our stern lines Mr Grumpy (AKA Mr Porter on s/y FA DIRA, Registered in London with Call Sign MQCL and  MMSI 235014701 showed his face. When I asked him "Are you the person who shouted us to bugger off and go somewhere else" he replied in the affirmative so I told him in no uncertain terms "I do not like you, you are a nasty person so piss-off!" Me thinks he looked mad! Having checked-up he is not listed as a Cruising Association Member so I guess he could be an Anglo Saxon territorial water gypsy? It's a pity when we occasionally come across someone like that because it can tend to spoil the occasion a little so it's best to imagine him trying to swim in a pot of strawberry jam and laugh it off!
Tonight we will be participating in another of our favourite Lighthouse Taverna evening meals and we're both looking forward to this (again). Tomorrow we think we'll head into the Inner sea, AKA Amvrakikos Kolpos, for couple of nights perhaps, gently making way in general direction of Corfu over the next week. In meantime, it's 3 o'clock so I'm off to see if CYS is open. They say they are open 9 - 5:30 although it seems they are not open mid-day, siesta time perhaps? The next job being to get our new 40kgRocna anchor on board without causing any damage!
Love to our Grandchildren Sophie, Freya and Seth, as well to their parental units xxxxxx