Porto Kheli 37:19.1N 23:09:0E

Sue & Alan
Tue 22 Sep 2015 15:53
Let's just say we rolled a bit all night, last night, so we were up and underway shortly after first light this morning. Must say, Kiparissi gave us excellent protection and there was hardly more than 10kn wind at any time we were there. Unfortunately the bay gets a lorra swell into it so we didn't fancy a second night on the roll.
Once underway we initially sampled conditions on the donk. It was quite pleasant until we passed our headland to the N and became exposed to the fairly strong N'ly wind, which Kiparissi had kept us well sheltered from. We soon disposed of the donk, in favour of reefed jibsl and well-reefed mainsl, holding a best course, into wind about 30º E of our intended destination 20'odd NM to our N. We enjoyed a really good sail into wind, tacking to N of Nisos Spetsai and once clear we could eventually line-up for the entrance of Porto Kheli. The shape of the entrance is like a man's bed bottle, with a narrow entrance with plenty space inside. Bit like a lagoon. Great holding and exceedingly well protected. Lorra yachts here and plenty space to accommodate lot more.
Because we were tacking into wind to get here, our 20'odd NM over-ground turned into 33NM sailing through the water so it too from 08:30 to 14:30 and Sue treated us to one of her special cheese on toasties. Sue was bit concerned today's would be different because her cheese on toastie is usually made using cheddar cheese, but the cheese Sue bought turned out to be parmesan. Nevertheless, when we sat in cockpit to enjoy for our lunch - we did!
It's such a pleasure to be somewhere where we ain't rolling after a night like our last one. Probably go ashore tomorrow and stay here two nights. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, we've had a lorra free boat-washes these last 2 days and we timed our arrival here perfectly, to coincide with a deluge and Sue got soaked. It's sunny again now though!