Isla de Tabarca 38:10.12N 000:28.9W

Sue & Alan
Mon 10 Jun 2013 18:51
We set-off this morning with the intention of doing an overnight towards Mar Menor. We knew we would get some winds on the nose during part of the afternoon. What we didn't expect was some big seas on the nose too! We had a 3 - 4m swell and only up to 15kn wind speed. This does not make for a pleasant sail close-hauled tacking and an even more unpleasant ride into wind on the donk! We settled for tacking because we were taking a 'lorra' water over the decks each time we nose-dived! As the afternoon was turning to evening, just couple of hours before dusk, we were having a nice sail north of Isla de Tabarca. We were on a port tack, close hauled between the island to port, making good progress passing between the island and the mainland when we noticed couple of sailing yachts on the hook, just outside the Isla de Tabarca harbour entrance. "We needs a nosey" we says (because this is within a restricted area/marine reserve, where there is no anchoring or fishing. It seems we are able to anchor close-in (like the other two yachts, so here we are. Plenty protection from the S'ly wind and fetch. What a lovely place to be. "Cheers" (another G&T moment!). Every one's a winner. So, no overnight needed because we can continue at our leisure tomorrow, if we wish to?
Night night xxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3
At 10/06/2013 18:43 (utc) our position was 38°10.12'N 000°28.88'W

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