Towards Bermuda - start of day 5 28:22N 065:23W

Sue & Alan
Sun 11 May 2014 23:27
1200hrs Zulu on Sunday 11th May 2014.
In position 28:22N 066:23W COG 008º(T) SOG varying 5.5km to 6.5kn close-reaching Wind E F3
Bermuda is 009º(T) 246NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 168NM Dist made good towards Bermuda 148NM

Busy day in the office yesterday afternoon after I discovered aft heads pump wasn't working. Electrical breaker had tripped because pump seized for second time in almost five years. Not very good. Like last failure, Jabsco reduction gearbox metals are very poor and wear quickly. Also replaced float switch with new one. We are also have another niggling leak where our chainplates pass through our stbd side deck last repaired 12 months ago. We've also found two or three other small water leaks, ford heads (hatch seal), saloon cabtop (possibly lines sorter) and for's saloon (possibly hatch seal). Most certainly, ocean passage-making is an excellent way to find the weakest links and poorest design aspects. Just a pity most things are a bugger of a job to fix at sea. Some can be fixed and some have to wait. I fancy the last three days will have 'settled' our structure bit more!!!
No chance to put squiddy out recently because conditions non-commensurate with landing anything from beneath. Maybe another chance next dawn? Hopefully not another barracuda, which are difficult to kill with a lump hammer.
Paul has answered my query - unlikely we will come across any ARC stragglers because they are mostly tucked-up safe in St Georges, Bermuda, having departed BVI several days before we did.
Annie cooked-up a tasty corn beef hash for lunch yesterday. We were eating together when a 'googley' wave flew through the cockpit, which Annie took broadside on her back and assalted her bowl of hash. Positively drenched, Annie wasted not a morsel and we could only finish eating after laughter subsided. Mike & I remained dry and enjoyed our lunch without any extra salt.
Since about 0800 this morning the mainsl is out full, wind has veered ESE to E, seas have calmed wonderfully and we're shaping course directly towards Bermuda. We are expecting to keep these sunny & settled conditions for next 24-36 hours, after which wind is expected to veer to SSE and lessen. Could therefore be forced to use donk as we close on Bermuda. Depends really on ETA because might just slow-down and stay under sail in order to benefit from daytime arrival, as opposed to arriving in dark in middle of the night. Either way, very pleasant conditions in prospect for entering Bermuda, St Georges. All good stuff. Nearly forgot to mention.......... at start we all stated time of arrival,. Annie & Mike chose times on Tuesday 13th. I chose early morning daylight on Wednesday 14th.......... so me thinks we might slow-down!!!!!
Sue tells me,1 late arrival home at 0100 this morning after babysitting for Rachel & Michael and spending afternoon with family Higgins today. Have a great day Sue xxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 11/05/2014 16:03 UT our position was 28°22.84'N 065°23.11'W