On hook Baia de Abra,Madeira

Sue & Alan
Fri 11 Oct 2013 18:05
OK so we didn't break any records today. Just a gentle 28NM sail in 5
and bit hours. Very pleasant on full genoa and mainsl beam/close
reaching in F2-3 N'ly wimds. It's amazing howjust 6 to 7 kn wind can
move a yacht along at good speed when directions are tasty!
Was planning 2 or 3 nights on hook here before blowing some more dosh
on marina berth. As it happens no coice because marina is full just
now. Might even get to munch through 2nd half of squiddy's one success
so far.
Major decision at 6 this evening - G&T or Ouzo? We went the latter
because neither of us could remember the Turkiye name for Ouzo at the
time. A delayed senior moment .............. its Rakki! (and Sue just
accused me of looking it up!) We now have one glass bottle less in the
fridge although multiple floating bits in tums!
So another very difficult day at the grindstone means we expect to
sleep well ........ after it being bit rolly-poley on hook last night.
Happy First Birthday to Thomas for tomorrow. xxxxxxxxxx