1 day gone towards Ria de Moros 38:22N 023:05W

Sue & Alan
Sun 6 Jul 2014 12:01
Start of day 2 Noon on Sunday 6th July 2014.
In position 38º22'N 023º05W COG 090(T) SOG 5.7kn Presently close-hauling on full genoa full mainsl. Wind now NNW F3. 2m seas. Very overcast and occasional drizzle.
Ria de Moros, NW Spain is 063º(T) 692NM Dist Run by log in last 24 hours 140NM Distance made good towards Ria de Moros is 129NM.

Been mostly gently sailing for 24 hours. Say 'mostly' because we've had some stronger winds occasionally needing us to reef-down for a calmer ride. Hence, in all but the gentlest of winds (like now) we've been running on 2 reef genoa and 2 reef mainsl. This is proving to be a handy combination giving us good speed in F4 and reasonable speed overnight in F3's, close reaching almost all of the time. For example, the half-moon disappeared completely just after midnight and there was a lorra cloud so we were progressing on the blackest of black nights with light to moderate squalls and drizzle from time to time. Interestingly we were able to maintain no less than 4kn in 6kn wind and up to 7kn in 12-15kn wind without needing to make any sail changes. This does make for a good night without needing to spend much time in the cockpit. There was no signs of other traffic and if there had been anything unlit in our path we would not have known because it was so black all round. Sue did us a lo
vely bacon/spuds/egg for evening meal and as her reward I sent her off to bed just after nine. The intention being for Sue to relieve me on watch between midnight and three. In the event I let her sleep a little longer and Sue came to take-over just after half one. I made us both a cuppa tea but unfortunately Sue's reappeared on the cockpit floor. 'Fortunately' only the cuppa tea! Not looking like an entirely happy bunny and having been suffering effects of a lasting cold/cough I asked Sue to go back to bed because we want Sue entirely well for rest of the passage, not least of all because Sue is, as always, our inspirational chef supreme! Earlier we were able to listen to BBC World Service/Radio 5 coverage of the two World Cup quarter finals. I just wish they would desist unexpectedly dropping or changing frequencies. It is novel to now be able to listen to Radio 4 and Radio 5 during the hours of darkness when UK 198kHz & 909kHz radio signals can propagate this far.

We're hoping to hear from J,R,P & M by email sometime soon when they catch-up with our blog maybe?
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 06/07/2014 11:57 UT our position was 38°22.61'N 023°04.98'W