Cul-De-Sac Du Marin, Martinique 14:27.64N 060:52.33W

Sue & Alan
Sat 15 Feb 2014 22:46
Bonjour! A very pleasant 30NM close-reaching sail, jib and 2 reef main in 20-25kn winds and 3m+ seas, from St Lucia this morning, averaging 7-8kn at times touching over 9kn so we were on hook earlier than expected, rewarding ourselves with one of Sue's cheezey-whole-grain mustard toasties washed-down with couple of tincy-wincy beers. Went ashore to check-in this afternoon. First time ever checked-in using a pc. Needless to say the very nice little totty needed to come and help me! Problems being: I's all in French, which isn't helped by a micky-mouse keyboard. They even spell St Lucia different and British/UK/Great Britain ain't accepted. Eventually I tried Grand Bretania and hit the bulls-eye! Few more 'funny' entries and my attempt was then ready to print-off, get stamped and pay €5 for the privilege is just fine by me. When asked if they wanted our checking-out papers from St Lucia - was met with a non-committal shrug, which is also just fine by me. This means we're legally in Mar
tinique and can tramp along the coast and anchor/visit ashore as we wish whilst we're here. Good eh? Tomorrow's another day and we'll be choosing what we want to do then. Tonight we're gonna enjoy a very good lookin' sirloin steak 'afoating'.
Must say, neither of us can recall seeing so many yachts at anchor and on mooring buoys as there are here. The anchorage is certainly extensive, as is the marina itself. At a guess there must be well over 2,000 yachts, catamarans & comparatively few stinkpots in this bay. Fortunately it does not appear or feel overcrowded because there's plenty of space offering oodles of protection. We have, as is our preference, dropped our hook on the fringes where it's nice & quiet so that we're not hemmed-in by others and we've lots of swinging room.
It's dark now (gets dark shortly after six) so night night all. xxx
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At 15/02/2014 13:24 UT our position was 14°13.24'N 060°57.52'W