Pylos 36:55.3N 21:42.1E

Sue & Alan
Mon 21 May 2012 19:09
Pylos is not where I was originally heading. When 10M away from
Methoni the wind increased from 25-30kts to a much more difficult
40-45kts. That's when things started to get bit more energetic. Had
been sailing along for couple of hours on just the genoa and casually
admiring the approaching islands when the wind became too strong. At
this stage it's already later than it should be. I just missed any
warning signs and was running on a very broad reach at the time and
had just entered the log at 1500 saying "Mostly heavy seas and winds
from SE gusting up to F8. Easier than being close-hauled, just very
uncomfortable due to roly-poly seas.". The next half hour was quite
difficult and my next log at 1530 says "Under bare poles. Sudden very
high winds 45kts. Genoa head blown out. Engine fuel tank changed-over
to port-for'd". What it doesn't say is that the increasing wind
brought Ticketeeboo from very broad reach to close reach (in other
words she rounded-up to wind) and by the time I took the helm from the
autopilot I was unable to overcome the close-reach. Now heading
towards some small islands to stbd less than a mile away and unable to
bear-away onto our original course. When I started the engine to
support what I wanted it ran then stopped. I guessed because the
in-use fuel tank was approaching low, the fuel pick-up must have drawn
air in? Plan B - The wind showing no signs of reducing me thinks "If I
can't bear away then tack". This I achieved and sure enough we are
now heading away from the small islands into safer waters. Now I can
reef the Genoa more and and gybe onto original course, which I did
without a problem. Unfortunately, when I backed the genoa the leech
must have court our radar radome (which is on our mast at first
spreaders) breaking the radome bracket and tearing the genoa.
Bollucks! So I reefed what's left of our genoa, hence my log comment
"Under bare poles!". Next sort the engine, which needed fuel tanks
changing-over and bleeding fuel lines to enable normal use, just in
case it becomes needed again unexpectedly.
The wind stayed relentless at 40 - 45 kts so we are now running on a
very deep broad reach using just a little of the jibsail at very
modest speeds. Now me thinks: 1: If the wind stays like this Methoni
could be dangerous on a lee-shore and 2: I want to know someone knows
my situation. Hence I made a decision to abort the approached to
Methoni, where the winds could be even stronger, and to send a text to
our friends on Stratagen:
My text at 1556 from Ticketeeboo to Stratagem:
Am reporting position as a precaution. 36:42'.6N 21:49'.7E. Methonsi
could be unsafe so now hdg Pylos safely wil send txt on the hour.
Hairy SE45kts very lively
Reply from Stratagen:
Received message will standby 4 nxt txt. Take care luv RS
My text at 1705:
Hi and ta very much. In pos 36:43N 21:43E 13M due S Pylos. Wind
presently 33-35 kts so more pleasant again.
Reply from Stratagen
Good 2 hear conditions improved please text when u arrive or b4 if any
concerns. Won't settle 2 enjoy g&t until we know you r safe. Luv RS
My text at 1800:
6M due S of entrance O Navarinou Pylor in pos 36:47N 21:40E cing up to
40 gusts 45kts. Looking after jib because genoa has tear and radar brk
from earlier. Me good!
Reply from Stratagem:
You ok is the main thing. Yacjt can be repaired. Maybe dry ship rule
dirched tonight?
My text at 1903:
Pleased to say just 1M S of O Nav. 35+ kts still! 3M to drop hook.
Tuna defrosting. Might put some in my first G&T. Brilliant day as
After dropping hook just outside Pylos marina/harbour we had a chat
and I greatly appreciate knowing Ray & Sandra would have been able to
report my position, as a precaution.
Just finished my second G&T and still seeing 30 +kts wind. Dropped
hook in 5m depth and put 40m chain outso aint going anywhere for now!
The repairs will be minimal and have already taken first steps towards
getting genoa sewn back together in Levkas. Radar radine repairs need
to be evaluated when I go up the mast tomorrow. I was able to use
halyards to prevent it swinging about and falling onto the deck or
into the water, which beat needing to do an Ellen McArthur in storm
conditions, which I did not fancy at all at the time! At worst it
comes-off for time being.
A brilliant day in the life of Ticketeeboo. Goodnight all. My tuna
awaits. Thanks to Ray and Sandra. Me thinks day here in Pylos
Goodnight My Lover xxxxxxxx