Windy Aegean

Sue & Alan
Tue 15 May 2012 17:35
Staying put for a while. Not wanting to give upsafe anchorage for
something more iffy further west when winds are stronger there and on
the nose. Used washing machine yesterday for clothes and towels.
Successful enough to encourage me to do bedsheets today. Needed to dry
them in cockpit after thinking they'll be away soon if I leave them on
the washing line any longer!
Neson Mandella 'Long Walk To Freedom' half to go. Very good reading
too. Wind has reduced this evening so wil need to check forecasts
because I really want it ti veerfrom W'ly to N'ly before departing and
heading west. Certainly good decision to stay on hook here today. They
say F7 is a yachtsman's gale and it would have been no fun having it
on the nose. Sending thanks to Sandra and Ray 's/y Stratagem'
(Megatarts backwards) who are similarly taking shalter at Nisos Paros
on way towards Corinth, for additional views of weather forecasts.
Hope Ray has recovered from the shits by now?
As yet no further news informing me about Grandchild No.3, courtesy of
Jennifer and Paul.
Goodnight My Lover. Hope Tennis match goes well for you? xxxx