Pylos 36:57.2N 21:40.3E

Sue & Alan
Fri 11 Sep 2015 14:25
Not long after updating last blog at Nisos Arpia (could have written the script) the wind increased and the swell started getting to us and it became bit lively. When we checked the overnight prospects, the likelihood of the wind veering from NNW to NNE would expose us to some nasty conditions so we decided to up-hook and run with the wing, sailing towards Pylos, winning us a following wind and good sail virtually all the way. 8 hours later we were settled on hook here at Ormos Navarinou, Pylos, Greek mainland and slept soundly 0300 - 0930. Been here before couple of times. Very nice too.
Have met up with friends Joe & Mike (s/y Hariette) who are now joined by Lynn & Glenn (Steel Sapphire) so we're doing bit of catching-up 'till we move further S, probably tomorrow (depending on how long tonight lasts!!!).
End of first week at school for Seth today and first week year 2 for Sophie. Hope it's been a good-un for them?