Horta, Ilha Faisal, Azores

Sue & Alan
Thu 5 Jun 2014 11:29
Been her since Monday and this is our 4th day being rafted-up with bunch of hairy arses on our outside, who now know they need to check their shore lines more frequently so that they can't rub on our stem and MUST remove footwear before clonking their way across our beautiful decks. One character was clumsily making his way across yesterday when I was aloft as he groped from one halyard to t'other making the mistake of grabbing the shaking the halyard suspending my good self high above. My words directed to him below, left him without further uncertainty......... and I only said "THANK YOU!!!!" at the time. He did apologise later.
Yesterday, Duncan (from Mid Atlantic Yacht Services) visited and we were looking at options for them to do a temporary repair to our upper V1 shrouds. We'd formed our action plan and no sooner had Duncan left the yacht, when I'm pleased to say Discovery Yachts emailed me and they have managed to improve their delivery time to supply us with new V1 shroud kits. This means our defect 12mm V1 rigging wires will now be replaced with larger 14mm rigging wires & fittings, extending between each deck-plate and lower shroud, on both sides. We are now expecting the new 'DYL 14mm V1 kit' which include the necessary fittings, to be with us before end of next week (hopefully). If not then, early the following week. I've emailed Sue and have asked her if the new V1 shroud kits (delivery of timely fashion) will be a suitable Birthday prezzie for her? I don't have her reply yet?
Not as warm as I would like here in Azores today. It's just reached 22ºC and even though warmer than home UK it could be warmer and sunnier. There is a W/NW6 presently forecast for today & overnight. Some are even staying put until it relieves itself, possibly tomorrow? I would have thought most would be welcoming a W/NW F6 having recently sailed from likes of Caribbean or BVI or Bermuda and F6 either broad reaching or beam-reaching can be quite likeable too! I think, when there's a decent blow forecast it can get blown out of proportion when people insist on telling each other within the confines of a marina (doom and gloom, doom abd gloom) and as a result the forecast winds can become bit over-stated. My optimism for today has encouraged me to put a wash on! I can then have a laugh watching the hairy-arses dodge mixed skiddies & Annie's knickers!
We had a free fresh water rinse overnight. Not essential to our welfare because I spent part of yesterday afternoon washing the yacht anyway. The extra free rinse did no harm though.
Tip of the day........... have a great day! Love to Sue, R,S,T & M and J,F,S & P xxxxx

Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3, Ham callsign = m0hng
At 05/06/2014 10:37 UT our position was 38°31.93'N 028°37.52'W