Palos, Nisos Nisiros 36:38.2N 27:18.9E

Sue & Alan
Sun 1 May 2016 17:19

Thursday morning (28th April) we has a civilised wake-up and slipped lines quietly, heading round the coast towards the fuel station at Symi town. Here we were able to top-up diesel and justas importantly - fill both water tanks. Taking diesel didn't take long. Filling our tanks, just short 1000L seemed to take ages so it was 10 o'clock before we were able to get underway towards palos harbour. We had a mixture of winds, only some falling in-line with the expected NW4's, which eventually kicked-in needing us to do plenty extra miles tacking into wind, much to Sue's delight. After a moderately long day and 52NM we entered Palos (just clearing the 2.5m build-up of sand and mud at the entrance) andberthed sterns-to close to Captains House taverna. Hardly any visiting yachts and a complete dream place to be whilst almost empty of visiting yachts. Yesterday evening we made our way to the local church and watched their traditional way of celebrating Easter (a month later than UK did this year?). It's a noisy and dangerous place to be when there's fire-crackers gettin' thrown round silly-nilly? We made our escape from outside the church and back to Ticketeeboo sanctuary before tasting more flash-bangs than we can deal with after midnight.
We didn't go far this time whilstvisiting Palos and we enjoyed some scrummy meals at Captains Table. We were able to draw electricity (except for a few hours when someone plugged a dodgy cable into an electricity outlet causing everyone to loose the supply). We were able to do all washes we wanted so have clean sheets, towels and won't need to be imitation vagrants for while longer. Naturall, when we departed this morning our water tanks were topped-up full.
The unwanted issue, which required my intention is our refrigerator......... or the lack of it. At first itjustappeared in need of a gas top-up. No, unfortunately it's 'goosed' for now. Technical term........bit like NFU. We appear to have acquired some moisture inside the system and it don't go good for a refrigerant system. This coming so soon after our water-maker packed-up big style is challenging us a bit.