Towards Ilhas Selvagens

Sue & Alan
Thu 17 Oct 2013 14:50
Up just before dawn and underway heading S towards our next stop-over where we hope to go on the hook (again) in Enseada das Cagarras on Selvagen Grande, which sounds quite large but is only about two and half km square, so quite small. Pilot book means we will enter very carefully because there are several reefs round the island. In meantime, we just want a little more windies so we can quit the donk and sail. We're getting there, just a little more wind please and veer veer a little too would be ideal for us to set genoa & mainsl to achieve decent speed. Squiddy's taken eye off the ball. Squiddy only has one purpose and is proving a dead-loss so far today. I've had the line in and out three times since first light to check there's no unwanted cling-ons and it's clean. Just not tempting enough for the odd passing predator to take a bite.
Earlier we had the pleasure of seeing whales, then some monk seals, then some dolphins. It's like waiting for a bus. None for ages then they arrive in abundance.
We're diligently working our way through our passion fruit treasure trove and sharing the skins with surrounding nature. Plenty to go and every one is a surprise taste for both of us.
Weather forecast this morning supports our decision to go S after an unsettled very rolly night on the hook when sleep was dependent on severity of the roll - not a lot either. Hence, today it's a little work, a little read, a little feed, a little snooze .......... repeated. Nevertheless it's another beautiful sunny, warm day. 27 C again and rather pleasant. Just 4 hours to dark although we should have the moon for company until early hours provided skies stay reasonably clear. With the prospect of having to stay well clear of the unlit navigational hazards, we will time our close arrival for after daylight so that we have good eyeball on nasty rocks as we pass them. WE have a permit to land and wanna use it if we can!
Love to our GC's xxxxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3
At 17/10/2013 14:31 (utc) our position was 31°58.72'N 016°29.30'W

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