Esenada De Getares 36:05.4N 005:26.3W

Sue & Alan
Tue 1 Oct 2013 15:29
With the implied promise of progressively improving and more
favourable conditions for our passage towards Porto Santo, we made a
decision to depart our berth this morning. We said our goodbyes and
slipped lines heading for the fuel berth,less than a mile away.
Gibraltar has three fuel stations. We needed to ignore the
propositions from the first two, both offering 73.3p/litre in favour
of Gib Oil offering a straight 73p/litre. The other reason being Gib
Oil have above ground storage, which can be seen. Almost 2 hours later
nd 1091 litres heavier (plus some 83p/litre petrol and couple of
ice-cream) us intrepid explorers boldly headed towards this distant
(and seemingly little known) anchorage, six miles away, S of
Algeciras. After such hard day, late lunch beer and 'Gib Oil
ice-cream' we both dozed-off in the cockpit, for a good hour and half!
This bay has a derelict whaling station, superb sandy beaches and
seabed, which has sucked our anchor well in. It also means we are very
handy to move on at the right time taking full advantage ofa
favourable tidal stream, when we're ready to go. In meantime it's now
time to lift RIB off deck and into water, followed by reaquainting it
with our 'repaired' outboard(and it better work!)
xxxxxxxxxxxxx to F S T & S and M&Ds.