Cala Taulera, Mahon, Menorca

Sue & Alan
Wed 22 May 2013 04:50
A testing last 12 or so hours. The NE'ly wind strengthening made the sea boil and rumble. We're both now knackered. We chose Mahon because a testing F6 turned into a challenging +F8 at times (Once the Spanish CH put out a DSC 'All Ships Safety Alert' on VHF, warning of imminent gales, delivering over 50kn wind at times.
In the event the big seas and strong NE winds made the decision for us and we changed our destination accordingly - Mahon in the dark, a wonderful experience. The entrance is well marked. I had decided if not happy with narrow channel entering Cala Taulera then we would proceed down main channel, which we did. I had picked an easy spot to reach to drop hook. Unfortunately as about to do so we lit-up a buoy clearly saying anchoring not allowed there! Back to the entrance and narrow channel towards Cala Taulera and we crawled-in here with exceptional care.
Sue's carrot & lentil soup and glass of wine then bed! Said to Sue "Not sure if it's worth having alarm-on for 0800 Dragnet" to which Sue replied curtly so I cancelled the alarm. Up once to check we were not moving in the strong N'ly winds. Unfortunately, awoken (like everyone else in the anchorage) when someone put everyone on alert when they spotted another yacht dragging. My effort to repel the offending yacht was almost needed. Fortunately they had also been awoken and just managed to get themselves under control with a few meters to spare.
This is a wonderful life............... if you can cope with it. Testing at times.
Good morning xxx
PS During the storm yesterday a little bird claimed sanctuary, In the end my presence in the cockpit making sail changes did not bother it at all. I guess it had almost given-up hope of survival and we were it's only hope. It stayed with us a few hours as the winds roared, waves broke and rains drenched whilst Ticketeeboo rocked, pitched, screwed, rattled and shook. As we entered Mahon the little bird was no longer there. Maybe it took-off because it could see it's new home? Maybe Ticketeeboo was it's only hope at the time? Maybe it was smart enough to catch a lift at the right time - like a gifted opportunist? I certainly has my admiration. T'was a good sail!

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