Cala Tarida, Ibiza. 38:56.2N 001:14.0E

Sue & Alan
Fri 7 Jun 2013 17:42
We didn't depart Cala Charraca until just after mid-day, which we planned night before. With only 20'odd miles to do we decised to have a little extra time in bed and Sue did some washing, which also needed drying time. When we were about to up anchor we spotted two swimmers (in wetsuits) coming our way. They were training triathlonists. Very polite guys, wanting to know if we were Americans? When Sue said "No we are from Lancashire" they were delighted, told us we have a beautiful yacht and even said "Sorry to have disturbed you". Very pleasant English young gentlemen indeed, simply using us as their marker for a mile or so swim. They made it back to their beach-relaxing awaiting wives and we pulled-up our hook and got Ticketeeboo underway again.
A relatively short 21NM towards Cala Tarida. Both are very different. Charraca is quite a large bay, which has a couple of beaches and very little development. An outstandingly beautiful and we were very tempted to stay longer. Tarida is also a beautiful bay, which has been developed more. Sue did a google search, which reveals Tarida is a family resort, which should be quiet overnight. Taking no chances we are well away from the beach and hotel/apartments. It was quite windy as we came round the N'ly headland, Cabo Blanco, Isla Conejera. At the time me thinks 'This is an unexpected blow from the SSW so we could be in for a rolly overnight?" Poohey! Guess what, just after we dropped our hook in a lovely patch of sand with 6m water over it, the wind dropped and the sea calmed. An unexpected pleasant surprise......... an me being a mere mortal too! The other surprise was when we were picking-out which fine patch of sand to drop in, when we were alerted to a submarine cable (probably HV electricity carrier!). Nothing in the pilot book we have and it was our Navionics chartography/Raymarine display, which announced the warning. On closer ganda the cable is indeed correctly shown here though. Calmly, we moved Ticketeeboo well, well away, from the cable before putting 50m chain out (just in case the wind gets up again like earlier, during the night). We ain't going nowhere we don't want to go tonight!!!
We've a big curly sausage to eat tonight. One of the many I bought during my little walk to Mahon. It's been defrosting all day and has stayed curly despite our imposed radical changes in temperature.
We hope to be tucked-up in bed early'ish tonight because we have another 50+NM to do tomorrow, heading towards Cala Sardinera, just N of Punta Negra on the Costa Blanca, mainland Spain.
Night night family D, family H and family Pugwashers (Gill, Andrew & Adam - who's chocolate they left in our fridge, which we gladly devoured this afternoon) xxxxxxxxxx
Ticketeeboo MMSI 235071989 Callsign 2CED3
At 07/06/2013 17:36 (utc) our position was 38°56.23'N 001°14.01'E

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