Gibraltar 36:08N 5:21W

Sue & Alan
Tue 9 Dec 2014 18:26
Well I suppose time for a bit of catch-up?
After being home for 6 weeks or so It was time for another 'yacht-fix'.
Last Sunday we flew into Gibraltar (not on Sue's broom this time) and
were on board Ticketeeboo in the dark hours. First challenge was for
me to get on-board because I left our pasarelle safely stowed and the
gap (between pontoon and transom) is a good 1½m. If pissed it would
have been a sinch. Unfortunately stone cold sober made getting
on-board bit real! I relieved myself of everything that mattered
(electrical or shrinkable) and proceed to meet the challenge. Sue, not
a happy bunny, broadcasting words of gloom and doom did not in-still
extra confidence as one foot left the pontoon, striding towards
back-'end of Ticketeeboo. Fortunately my legs remain long enough
(assisted by the faintest spring) for me to land OK without getting
wet. I'm on-board and can now prepare pasarelle for Sue. After that
the only other big issue was finding where I had stowed our big duvet
so that we could have a cosy night. Eventually achieving that too
after visiting every accessible space before finding it under our bed!
Yesterday, we replaced a crappy canvas ventilation hose with a new
stronger hose, which we brought out from UK. I know my body don't bend
as easily as it used to.- just that what should be an easy job don't
'alf end-up hurting when access is poor. At least the job's done good
and shouldn't need to concern myself with ventilating our engine space
in future. To end day well....... even replaced some unsuitable crappy
corroded cabinet hinges with classy (Ebay) stainless variety in aft
For today, we entered the dual-challenge. We'd been putting this one
off and dreaded doing it. Fortunately the wind Gods are on our side.
Our mainsail is now bagged and on top of our jib, on front bunk.
Battens are suitably labelled and below-decks too. Just another good
day in the office. Oh yes, punctuated by a lovely cockpit lunch (in
the sunshine) I worked on deck in just shorts today. Ain't that good?
We did have some fun flaking our mainsail across the cabtop & cockpit.
Sue & me seem to have acquired the 'nack' and whilst we don't exactly
enjoy flaking and bagging our sails - we do work well together. I know
how to do as I'm told!
Another good couple of days in the Ticketeeboo office.
Love to J,P,F & S and R,M,S &T xxxxxx