Departing today and heading towards Ria de Moros

Sue & Alan
Sat 5 Jul 2014 10:11
Sue & I have enjoyed visiting the Azores islands of Sao Miquel & Santa Maria and now we are looking forward to the Rias in NW Spain.
Finisterre has a fearsome reputation and is where we are heading towards because it's a good landmark and is just to the N of our intended landfall. The seasonal trade winds don't help us too much because we are expecting up to NE F6-7s once when we get within couple hundred NM of our destination. If able to steer a direct course we would expect to this passage to take maybe 6 days. Unfortunately, with the expected winds there is little likelihood of us doing just 800NM because we will be needing to head mostly N'ly for the first few days  so that we can approach the strong NE'lys from the N rather than need to tack into them. That's the plan anyway! Maybe our passage can be 8 or 10 days then it'll be 'take it easy time' enjoying the Spanish Rias, which we last dipped into in 2005 when we brought our first yacht 'SusidD' from Scotland to the Med. This time we intend having bit longer to sample the local scenery, cuisine and wines of the region.
Tanks are full. OIls checked. Visual around deck shows nothing potentially nasty. What can be stowed, is. Log's cleaned. Bins emptied and all we're waiting for now is for the washing to dry!  So now we're gonna get lines ready and then maybe another cuppa tea before the off. It's not a particularly sunny sort of day so maybe it could rain a little soon - and we get another free yacht wash whilst underway.
Love from Sue & me to R,M,S & T and J,P,F & S xxxxxx