Ormos Ayiou Ioannou 39:16.6N 20:28.0E

Sue & Alan
Fri 22 Jun 2012 15:19
Before entering this bay we were undecided if we had been here before. "It's absolutely beautiful and we can now recall last being here in 2006" says Sue. After couple of hours R&R I can recall being here too! It's always good to pick-out a place with plenty protection and be the only yacht on the hook. Last night we were on the hook just off Preveza Town and there were more than 20 yachts in the anchorage, which was certainly no where near as pretty, although quiet & settled. Also, being close to a town, had good TV reception so we watched the Portugal-Chech' game. Have tested the TV reception here and could end up watching a 'whirling' distorted match tonight! It's six o'clock here now guess what My Lover is about to make for us?
On way to Preveza we had a good little sail from 'One Tree Bay' AKA 'Nasty Fly Bay' then timed our donk up the Lefkas Canal to meet the top-of-the-hour opening of the swing bridge. We timed this really well only to find boats ahead of us were almost 'squabbling' for space ahead of the bridge opening. We lingered to keep out of their way! At the last moment a Nielson charter boat drew-up astern of us. Immediately after the bridge, on the north side, the depth of water is a little worrying nowadays. There's lots of red buoys, which some people have treated as a buoyed channel (at their peril) and run aground. Also, the council recently wanted to make the local beach a bit bigger. The combined result is serious silting-up and confusing red buoys (if not properly informed). We kept well away from all the red buoys (which mark ROCKS) and just clear of the protruding sandbank. Keeping boat speed down to less than 3kn, just in case, we crawled through safely, although our depth sounder recorded 2.2m for a moment or two! (We draw 2.23m so if absolutely accurate we had no clearance between our keel and the sand whilst holding breath. As will be perfectly understandable, I would rather us touch sand than hit one of the many protruding rocks, each understood to be marked by a red buoy.
Sue's now planning our evening meals based on what's in the freezer because when Ticketeeboo gets lifted on 2nd July we loose our suppply of cooling water - meaning fridge & freezer don't work for a while and anything left is give-away or throw-away. This is no joke when we've such a lot of tasty Tuna to go through! Not to mention the pork, beef, Greek sausages and other tasty delights. I do not think we will be eating-out until after lift-out. I've tried explaining to Sue how good a chef I became whilst yacht-alone. Sue isn't having any and remains firmly in charge of the galley, as always!