On hook Cala Taulera, Mahon

Sue & Alan
Sat 25 May 2013 15:55
Went ashore yesterday to try and get some needed parts for outboard from Mahon. (Our Tohatsu has lost it's spark!). Borrowed little tender from another yacht and tied it to the public quay in Cala Fonts. Then walked into Mahon. Unfortunately forgot shoes (as you do)! Pedro's was closed so did a little local shopping and had some grub until re-opened. When went back they were useless! Feet now aching terribly so bought pair of African flip-flops from local market stall. Walked back and detoured into big supermarket on way out of Mahon. Bought loads of stuff. Now severely weighed down with back-pack and shopping bag. Probably total weight 20kg. On leaving supermarket, chuffed to have everything on list plus more (won't Sue be pleased with me?) walked on for over an hour then realised heading S towards wrong coastline. When asking directions (twice) both were surprised I was walking but gave correct directions, now heading for El Castells, 'miles away!'. By time I returned to Cala Fonts early evening feet were unbelievably sore sore and me very knackered person. In all, I had been walking ashore for nearly 5 hours, save for 'lunch' waiting time. Yesterday evening and today feet are not talking to me and still hurt like hell. Blisters on blisters and cant get round yacht without socks and crocks on. even then mightily delicately.
Unfortunately Totatsu engine will remain dead pending new ignition parts. Enquiries today reveal Menorca agent does not have any and must wait until next week to find out if available from mainland Spain. Other possibilities including buying online from USA if they will deliver to Menorca next week? The ignition system on our Tohatsu is supposed to be bullet-proof........... no it ain't and we have a heavy RIB to use oars for any distance.